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No Chicken Jokes -

More like Ketchup... 

Ok, catch up. Because I have egg on my face for being on hiatus. Especially since we've now lost that fanciful events-compendium blog, Daily Candy!

Tuesday, April 21st was We-Are-Finally-Paying-Attention-to-the 

Earth Day

Lots of commercial biz booths, hyping their efforts at being environmentally conscious. And 

a good start.

Plus one politician, who showed up on time,

NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio at Union Square's Earth Day
promising to update and strengthen the City's air pollution control laws. The next day, the City Council held a hearing on Intro 271, which codified the revisions to the Air Code. This bill targets commercial char broilers, outdoor boilers, mobile food trucks and fire places, requiring them to use only natural gas or renewable fuels. We like-y! Now, if they could just make "renewable fuels" cheaper for the funsy-and-ubiquitous food trucks - or maybe reward them for recycling their oils. (If this idea works well, then yeah: I want attribution, please!)


For the muy bueno near future, there's -

Cinco de Mayo

Basically, it's a commemoration of the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862. But it is lavishly celebrated in NYC by anyone who is - well, fun-loving. To find a party, look up the address of any Mexican restaurant, or ask your friends if they're having a gathering. Lots of spontaneous celebrations that day - just don't ask me what date. *eyeroll*

Finally, 'tis the season of outdoor activities. Kicking them off (Giving them a run for their money?) was
Meb Keflezighi winning the 2014 Boston Marathon

the Boston Marathon.

What does the Boston Marathon have to do with NY?

1) The runners who qualified for Boston also qualified for NY.
2) A ton of NYers followed it.
3) My niece/goddaughter Jessica finished in 3 hours 22 minutes: her first marathon! 
Jessica and Dan Triumphant

Hey, she's my niece and I am a NYer.
So, by association...

Congratulations, Jess, and all the runners! Next stop, NYC...?

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