Sunday, September 15, 2013


 on New [Fashion] York

Yes, I heartily apologize for being so "Fashion Weak". It's not that we don't need to, literally, gear up. And need to hear about entertainment because we certainly deserve a day or night - or weekend - off! But I really am an optimistic idealist. (Not redundant!) So, with all these causes, the mayoral primary, and 9/11, I didn't have the to simply chit-chat about anything else.

So, I owe you a re-Cap!
Suze, your blushing blogger, at the French'Chic MeetUp pre-Fashion Week Coco Chanel 130th Birthday Party hat contest. (She won! To be fair, her hat had a veil...)

I'll just slip into my Louis Vuittons, and strut to it!

Fashion Week-and-a-Half

First up: Style 360, in it's infinite wisdom (and style), invited me to 

a fashion show by Rev. Run-DMC's lovely and maverick daughter. ( The fashion was terrific: see for yourself.

 And a little fun.

Doesn't everyone wear red faux fur coats over a swimsuit? It is outrageously fun-n-glam - so, why not? Go, Angela!

Then, there were the goodie bags...

...and the celebs - some wearing anime hats...
  And some not.

And to finish out the Week

Uptempo Magazine Candice Wu with French'Chic MeetUp - Ooo, la-la!

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