Tuesday, September 3, 2013


on New York

The only excuse I have for such a get-up is Steampunk Day at the NY Renaissance Faire ("Renn Faire"), the sort-of reenactment/fantasy edition of jolly old England - and any other culture from vaguely around that time period. Ok, ok: it was a fun day, and it inspired your intrepid editor to feel the need to "make an effort." (And, astonishingly, I got compliments!)

The look is *supposed* to be a cross between Victorian gothic dress and the Industrial Revolution. (Think: the Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey, Jr.) And the Renn Faire, in its efforts to bring in new audiences and keep the usual one interested, likes to introduce themes: their Pirate Day is such a perennial favorite that some folks dress-like-a-pirate any old time there. "Steampunk" is a much more elaborate - and expensive - look than "pirate" (unless you have a real cutlass/sword or genuine gold doubloons): gold pocket watches, brass-encrusted goggles, antique pistols, brass spyglasses, hand-tooled leather holsters, and so on are used as decoration on fancy dresses and suits, hats, etc. So, the key (also used as decoration) to getting that Steampunk ensemble together - unless you're very wealthy or compulsive - is to buy a piece or two at a time.

Anyway, here are some pix of the picks:

And a very scarey-good video of a star attraction: "Cast in Bronze" - a quirky carillon, played by a masked and silent golden crow spirit. An excellent YouTube of this act is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVu6IVlchwA


By far, one of the most popular New York party-parades is the annual West Indian Day Parade - on Labor Day, in a little borough called Brooklyn.




Why is a grey-haired or head-shaved (Vin Diesel) or hirsute/scruffy-bearded (even a Willie-Nelson lookalike-type) or beaten (Wolverine) male STILL considered exciting, sexy, and appealing when the go-to ad image of a woman is young, shaved, rested, buff, and just-slightly helpless or needing approval...notably of a man? You think I'm beating an old drum? Consider this ad from DSW, the online shoe heaven. (Apologies for the extra homework: this website would not link directly. Hmm.)



...that the Brits have it right?

Headline: Judi Dench Shows Sexy Side

"Dame Judi Dench showed her sexy side in a side-split dress at Venice Film Festival."
Why is a 78-year old British actress considered a "model", role model - oh, really a national icon? Because she earned it!
Who else could have won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for a 10-minute appearance in an American movie?! [Shakespeare In Love - and let's not be catty and say it's because she was the only one with the gravitas and acting ability to pull it off...k?]






  1. Ah, the comments windows work now! Please do!

  2. Yay for comment windows! Glad you got it working. You worked a lot into this post. The Faire looks like it was fun for you. We had a great time this past weekend there too. It was also the Barbarian Invasion and we spent a little time with our barbarian friends while they engaged in their competitions of strength and skill. lol They did it 3 days in a row. Sorry I missed you. We're going again this Saturday.

  3. Hi Suze,

    Love the Steampunk photos! After attending many years of Renn Fests, I noticed last year (in MD) a definite Steampunk presence for the first time. Some tipping point in pop culture was definitely recently reached. There is - or at least two years ago there was - a Steampunk haunted house in NYC. I wanted to go but wasn't able to. Will look out for it this year, thanks for the reminder!

    -- Kathy

  4. Hello Susan;
    We were so excited about your enthusiasm to take our picture when we walked into Faire for the first time in our homemade steampunk garb! I was actually wondering if there's any way you could either email me this (and any other) picture you may have taken of us? We didn't take any of our own that weekend, and want to remember the great time we had. Thanks!