Tuesday, September 10, 2013

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_GQ5dO5cifEg/SNj-cBpL7YI/AAAAAAAAKv8/59C5EnY5Wrk/s400/Eye_of_The_Hurricane_by_Cheeseface101.jpg on NEW YORK

Yes, the image in the "I" is an eye of a storm/hurricane. It's primary election time in NYC, and are the candidates ever gathering like clouds over the issues this go-round!




Well, I showed up at Washington Park in Fort Greene, Brooklyn: my first vigil. This one, against bombing Syria. We were peaceful, friendly, companionable, informative - neighborly, even ("Hey, I'm from Cobble Hill, too!" "Williamsburg? Who else is here from Williamsburg?"). We held signs, sang songs, someone read from the works of Gandhi, and we discussed what we'd heard and what we thought about it. A real vigil.

And then a woman tried to get us to shout slogans. When that fell flat - because it was a vigil, not a rally or protest march - she got up and started reciting her "credentials." "Well, I'm old! I protested the Vietnam War..." Which was fine. Until she started calling out racial slurs. About our president.

I left. And wrote an email to MoveOn.org, the activist group that announced the event to those of us on their mailing list: why weren't there people there who would ensure that this peaceful vigil didn't turn into something ugly? Why weren't THEIR people there, to monitor the event for the public that they seem to want to inform and rally? Well, I hope they learn from this: I did. I'll raise my voice to sing again - but in hope and peace only.

It was a good idea, but somebody's gotta think it through a little more. Let's give peace a chance - even in NYC.

Oh, and please vote today!


  1. Good for you -- sounds like they didn't consider the possibility of disruptive people! Folks like that just undermine the protest, and adding racist slurs to the mix is beyond ignorant.
    The Syria question seems like there's quite a bit of political maneuvering going on behind the scenes...maybe Obama is semi-bluffing, trying to get Republican hawks to come out and speak against it? Then he agrees to hold off in the spirit of bi-partisanship, and a diplomatic solution is pursued, and he comes out looking strong -- willing to use military force, but cool-headed enough to show restraint and reason, too. A good move in the never-ending dance that is DC politics...but that's just speculation on my part.
    Sarin gas is awful stuff, and has been used in terrorist attacks before...Obama is right when he says use of these weapons is contrary to our interests. I don't know what an actual "punitive" air strike would accomplish other than increasing tensions and ill will, but I believe there's a benefit in sending a message to Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian rebels, and the rest of world that it easily *could* happen, and that we're not fooling around when it comes to flagrant use of WMDs...on anyone, but especially civilians.

    1. Mnythx for your thoughtful comment, Christophe!

      I used to think this sort of threat was necessary so the US doesn't look like wimps or children. (Perfect example is the Cuban Missile Crisis: JFK's early-but-significant "bump" against the Soviet Union.) But we really ARE the world now. And doesn't putting something in motion - an energy, if you will - that is negative end up really being negativity + negativity? It adds up to something not wanted or helpful, energy-wise. (Yes, I know: to some it sounds like esoteric mumbo-jumbo - but it's not. There is more at work here than two men, or two countries, or even many countries.) I think diplomacy will win out.